About ABC Hospitality

We believe in the evolution of business and human consciousness.

We are an active part of this revolution in world hospitality, and we apply new management dynamics that guarantee companies greater competitiveness, flexibility, differentiation and financial health, only possible through mobile and organic structures created in a personalized way for each project.”

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality is a consulting and hotel management company specialising in the realization of premium hospitality projects focused on the Wellness & Healing segment, with the implementation of sustainable management and strategy – ESG.

Composed of a team with extensive hotel experience, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality offers services in hotel management and operation, ESG management and redevelopment of hotel units.

As the first ambassadors of the Global Wellness Institute in Portugal, the team helps develop, based on an integrated and disruptive performance, truly differentiating projects in the Portuguese hotel scene regarding concept, services and positioning.

"We believe and can safely
say that being present at the beginning of each project makes all the difference. That is why we bet on the business mentoring service that guides and advises the investor throughout every step of the way until the completion of the project, with the option of operational management of each hotel."

Ana Beatriz

CEO ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality was born from an inherited passion.

Daughter of the first female hotel manager in Portugal, the passion for hospitality is in Ana Beatriz’s blood. After several years dedicated to managing premium hotel units in Portugal, destiny brought her new opportunities and ambitions, leading her to the decision to start her own project in Hospitality Consulting.

The dream was clear: to collaborate with investors, helping them to create and/or recover what exists, to rescue the soul and the meaning, the history and the roots, thus allowing others to enjoy the best of each place through the concept of hospitality that she knows and creates. This is how, in 2015, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality was born, a hotel consulting company oriented to the Wellness & Healing segment, driven by the purpose of uniting many for a common good: raising excellence in the National Hospitality Industry and, through it, awaken in everyone the beneficial effects of their own well-being.

Today, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality, the first ambassador of the Global Wellness Institute in Portugal, is proud to present several signature hotels in full operation in its portfolio, whose success has contributed to its positioning as a hospitality consultant of reference in Portugal.

What differentiates us

Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

"Walk the Talk" - we live and breathe the wellness concept and philosophy, participating in transformative retreats and journeys since 2010.

Respect for the identity of each hotel unit with a common link: Active Wellness & Healing, Top Quality Product/Service and Sustainability ESG Criteria

Valuing Portuguese hospitality, the history of the building and/or its location, ensuring the authenticity of each place and maximizing its differentiation.

Optimized and dynamic resource structure.

Activation of fully customized hotel management and consulting services.

Privileged and immediate access to a complete and diversified network of essential partners for the operationalization of the project: architecture, interior design, financing specialists, accounting, law, banking institutions.

International and national partnerships with shared DNA that contribute with their specialties to the consistency of the product, further strengthening its positioning and increasing profitability with a greater diversification of income.