TV Digital Solutions for hotel’s rooms

There are plenty Tv solutions for hospitality units, and frequently the choice for one or the other lacks in adjustment to the guests’ expectations and real use.

Unfortunately, hotel’s managers choice uses to vary between “having a basic TV is all it takes” or “we need the most hi-tech TV in the market”. Far from being a consensual subject, here is my contribution to assist you on the clarification of what really matters.  

The process of chosing a TV solution must be aligned with the hotel’s concept and guest experience, specially within his room. Thus, I believe that’s crucial to understand an IT project in a 360º dimension, focused on putting technology to the service of the guest, but also to the manager – solutions that may combine quality, sustainability and innovation. 

Nowadays, the traveller has high expectations. Entering the room is a critical step in his emotional journey and the TV is an important feature because we’re meant to offer nothing less than the service he can experience at home.

It’s a reference point in what concerns security and wellbeing: who hasn’t, at some point, get upset regarding the difficult of getting to know the channels, especially in a satellite TV?

There are some real criteria that must be considered when choosing a TV Solution: it’s easy to get our home’s Smart TV in a shopping centre, but regarding a hospitality unit there’s many more features to bear in mind.  

Many hoteliers end up as “hostages” of their bad choices, dealing with TV solutions that doesn’t match guests’ expectations nor hotel’s service needs.

This pandemic context brought this issue to light – with hospitality units closed, the Tv solutions are still costing several euros per month, per room, even with no occupancy. This is a real challenge to the managers, investors and owners. They must choose well whilst reinforcing guest emotional experience.

It’s important to respond to guests’ needs and opt for the most user-friendly solutions that enable Apps synchronization and simultaneously allow the managers/owners to be free of monthly fees.

But after all, which are the guest real expectations regarding a hotel’s room TV?

  1. Exploring channels in his own language, especially in what concerns news.
  2. Displaying a simple and intuitive menu structure in which he can quickly access hotel information (digital directory) and main TV channels.
  3. Enabling to mirror guest’s smartphone so that he can enjoy his favourite series and Tv shows from NETFLIX or HBO for example.

Throughout my career, I was able to put together a solid background regarding this subject that has been valuable for many hoteliers, contributing for better choices in the future… and the future is now! Most of the information on hotel’s services are already shared with the guest on the Digital Keypass upon reservation or check in – from restaurants menus to the express-check out, information on wellness programs, room service requests, restaurants booking or taxi calls. So it makes sense that many of this information cease to be displayed on the TV, but that can still be shared through it in different ways.

Playbook for choosing a good TV solution:

1. Quality: preferably FULL HD or 4K, LED or OLED

2. Display a welcome message and a easy access to the channels and menus according to guest’s nationality and hotel’s concept.

3. Easy access to hotel’s information – services opening hours like breakfast time for example and also outside temperature in real time. 

4. Energetically Cost-effective – sustainability and profitability

5. TV size adjusted to the room’s size and distance from the bed

6. Ergonomic and wireless (or with no wires to be seen), if possible always matching the décor. Some examples are Tvs hidden behind mirrors, elevating from the floor / furniture when turned on.

7. Boasting CAST and SCREEEN SHARE technology

8. Compatible with any TAB or SMART PHONE – Android or Apple

9. With good sound quality, even if we need to rely on external speakers, so that it can be used to share Spotify playlists or others.

10. Boasting an easy setting alarm service

11. Choosing a reliable brand with after sales assistance and easy maintenance, always state of art technology.  

12. Hotel’s wiring system compliant (IP/COAX)

At AB&C Hospitality we have a set of TV solutions chosen accordingly to real cases results, always combining state of art technology and a comfortable balance between cost and benefit, as well as other related costs and monthly fees.

You can reach out for any question or doubt on TV solutions for hotels, we will be pleased to assist you, sharing our experience and custom tailored advice. 


Rui Picão
IT Strategist
AB&C Hospitality

IT Strategy | Key Traits: Resilience, Innovation, Availability

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