And What When a Brand is Truly a Lifestyle?

In the “game of appearances,” he who is Real is King!

The metaphors that are part of our Life also apply to Branding and Marketing: do we use our talent or gift in a mission for the truth or lies?

Branding is for Purpose

ABC Sustainability Luxury Hospitality was born compelled by a well-defined purpose that has driven us to this day. This compass constantly guides us in making the right decisions and, believe me, not always the easiest ones. Even so, I guarantee that the right decisions are the ones that have led us to today when we see ourselves nominated for Best Consulting and Advisory Tourism Company by Publituris – Portugal Travel Trade Awards together with BTL.

We are far from being famous, and this was never in our strategy; we are here for the seriousness of the projects and their investors, and we defend projects whose essence makes a true impact in the world and that are financially profitable, sustainable and responsible according to the principles of ESG Management.

We have strong personalities and are very convinced of our values. Because of this, we attract investor profiles that are also driven by creating unique and authentic projects that aim at a greater purpose, aligned with a new way of thinking and creating Hospitality – It’s a new Era.

Rescuing the Essence of a Brand is Finding its Purpose

The existing hotel projects that come into ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality looking to be redeveloped are excellent examples of this discovery process, even for their founders.

One of the most recent projects we are managing and accompanying is the Singular Properties group, with two units on São Miguel Island, Azores, White Exclusive Suites & Villas and Santa Bárbara Eco-Resort, two absolutely incredible products, very well positioned internationally and featuring a team made of people who live the art of hospitality earnestly and authentically.

After a few months of more operational 360º evaluation, the challenge was to dive into the Singular Brand and its two products together with its founder, João Reis, an absolutely Singular Human Being who accepted to go step completely out of his comfort zone to reinforce the essence of the Brand he created and which led him to have excellent scores at and to be featured in the leading international exclusive and high-end travel magazines.

Living Life in a Singular Way – Unique, Exceptional and Special

When we manage to unite the tangible reality of a Brand with the intangible of its ambition, its well-defined values and its fulfilled promises, we arrive at its CUORE/CORE – its essence. In the case of Singular Properties, it is incredibly accurate, magical, transformative and expansive.

It is part of Everyone – to be part of this way of Living

When in January, the whole team was involved in the presentation of the Brand strategy and the big goals/commitments for 2023, the pride of being part of a Singular Brand was absolutely revealing. Many realized why they identify so much with the company they work for, and others discovered that they were always in the right place – an immense sense of belonging and identification with a company that is guided by its purpose and that is investing in everyone who accepts this invitation.

For us, the ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality team, it is a great source of pride to be part of this evolution of the national hospitality industry, especially with Portuguese investors. By showing the example in the present, we lead the future.

Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
Proud Ambassadors Global Wellness Institute
Happiest Places to Work – Awards

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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