Can a small business have a meaningful impact?

How can a small business generate substantial positive impacts?

In conversations with SMEs and family businesses, I often receive questions such as how and why implement the strategy of sustainability and regenerative practices in hotels?

Why is it vital to rethink the impact of hotels and hotel chains?

  1. Innovation

By implementing sustainability plans from an innovation perspective and digital transformation, hotels can build business synergies, find their way to operational efficiencies, and foster a positive work culture. 

2. Risk management

Banks, insurance companies, and other financial entities are screening ESG criteria and how asset risks are managed.

3. Regulation 

It promotes the company’s competitiveness, helps its positioning, and facilitates interaction with local actors.

4. Digitization 

The company’s digital transformation will allow more SMEs access to non-financial data required by different business stakeholders.

5. Team commitment

In our sector, we are people working for people. The foundation of sustainability must be human rights, quality, and the well-being of local communities, guests, and employees.

Why is it essential to conserve natural and cultural resources?

A hotel or chain can add value to the product by conserving the environment and preserving local flora and fauna. 

Involve the guest in conservation and sustainable development. Include the team in integrating the strategy into the hotel operations and guest experience. 

How do hoteliers fight teams’ resistance to change?

  • Make potential risks visible to the senior team and directors
  • Committing the team to a purpose beyond managing the hotel’s operations as we know them now.
  • Make team members participate in the business purpose by listening to their proposals.

How do we scale a positive impact from a small business?

Companies can establish strategic alliances with different entities to multiply their positive impacts on people and nature. 

Also is key to see the competition as allies, teamwork. 

Having a cross-sector mentality and collaborating with diverse sectors such as technology, textiles, agriculture, or fine arts  is an enabler to find solutions for the hotel or hotel chain sustainability strategies.

Sustainability and Regeneration = Proactivity + Creativity + Alliances

Maribel Esparcia Pérez
ESG Sustainability Expert
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
Happiest Places to Work – Awards


Sustainability & ESG Advisor and Professor | Key Traits: Curiosity, Trust, Dedication

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