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“Step by step, we too at ABC Hospitality are building a legacy by contributing to the whole.”

We have already written about it before in the article Innovation, Vision, Creation and Management, and we return to the topic whenever we describe our brand’s DNA. We talk about community and our role in the construction of community’s well-being in which we integrate our projects. Now we talk about Digital Accessibility as a way to pursue our mission.

But if the communities where we develop our projects are important, we raise the bar for our mission to the highest level by addressing society as a whole and assuming our duty to contribute to the general awareness regarding the sustainability of the whole.

If digital platforms have allowed us to come closer in the age of social distancing, it is also true that not all of us have had the opportunity to take advantage of these technologies. And this happens due to the still diminished relevance of Digital Accessibility for most companies/businesses.

What is digital accessibility?
Digital Accessibility is embodied in a set of processes and tools that aim to optimize a website or a digital platform so that it is accessible to all people with some type of disability.

The most common needs are related to people who suffer from blindness, low vision, color blindness, deafness, cognitive deficiencies, or restricted motor skills. To reach them, just as we do with the rest of the community, we must look at several items that can be optimized from the perspective of accessibility – this is the case of various assistance technologies, such as TalkBack on Android and VoiceOver on iOS, audio software.

And the benefits are for everyone
Digital accessibility is an excellent opportunity to review all your digital communication, innovate and have several benefits. In addition to fulfilling your role as a social integrator and contributing to the general well-being of the community, the website – Web for all, indicates the following benefits for your own organization:

  • Expansion and diversification of your audience.
  • Content innovation, modern, collaborative, and empathetic communication, bringing greater added value to your organization and strengthening your brand.
  • Better interaction with your audience, increasing the chances of loyalty.
  • Improved performance and usability of your networks, creating a competitive advantage.
  • An accessible website is easier to navigate, loads faster, is simpler and more user-friendly.
  • Fulfil an important social role that truly promotes transformation!
  • More visibility in search engines. Accessibility makes the site code more organized. This helps robots like Google’s find content more easily.
  • Easier and faster site maintenance.
  • Increased compatibility with all devices, platforms, systems and browsers.

In 2020, the Portuguese Government approved 10 Accessible Tourism Projects with an investment of over 2.8 million euros through “Programa Valorizar”. These projects respond to the required accessibility guidelines and contribute to society as a whole, towards greater integration and inclusion. Although many of them still focus only on the issue of reduced mobility, the emergence of projects that understand digital platforms and technologies as a facilitator of the inclusion of people with disabilities must be welcomed, as they’re making their tourism offer accessible to all.

When we talk about ABC Hospitality’s mission and DNA, we can easily understand how the contribution to the community is evident in every step of its projects, turning accessibility into one of the mandatory points of the path, including each and every one in this respect for life, in the search for balance and in this Wellness concept that holistically encompasses all our actions.

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