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A new normality that brings us closer together and allows our personal growth

For over a year, we have been living one of the most challenging moments of our life in society. Suddenly, everything we knew became unreachable, we realized the fragility of our systems and personal relationships, and, above all, we realized how much we depend on them for our mental health.

But, quoting Dostoevsky, “the best definition I can give of a man is that of a being who gets used to everything”. We get used to the new conditions, we find a way to survive all the setbacks and to overcome the obstacles on the path and, adapting ourselves, we look for new ways to replace what
we lost for a “a new normality” not to giving up of what make us more human – in this case, personal relationships, and human contact.

And so, we started to see the world turning to digital platforms. All those who did not use them, did not know how, had never gotten used to it, started to do it out of necessity – to remain connected to the world. Now, there was the possibility of adapting to the possibilities of the digital world. And it was through these digital platforms that we found a way to continue to work together – meetings via Zoom, Skype or Google Meetings became part of everyday life. The faces of our colleagues, friends or family members continued to get into our homes, even though for health reasons we had to stay several kilometres away from each other.

And once this world was conquered, with schedules full of one-to-one meetings, or real conferences with large groups, we felt that the world did not stop… but that we now had time to try something else – to dedicate ourselves to personal growth – the opportunity was just a link away.

We realized that this personal growth was more than having time for us, it was something necessary, we needed so much to complete part of what we had lost in a half-hearted world. And we started to register for webinars that took place on the other side of the world, we realized that there was so
much to discuss and be thought about, and that so many of us had something to share. We realize that there is a lot that unites us and that there is so much to which we want to contribute to, even at a distance.

It is undeniable how digital platforms have allowed us to adjust to the possible reality, making the best of it, preparing ourselves through knowledge for a return to the normal world, where we will return better, strengthened by what we have learned to value.

Determined to contribute to the change of mentalities in the hospitality industry and the world, through the creation of “awareness” towards Wellness as a strategic axis of hotel projects, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality knows that it has the responsibility to sensitize the industry to the need for change, empowering, through knowledge, those who know that the game has changed and who want to build brands with purpose.

The power of hospitality as a transmitting vehicle, capable of awakening customers to the importance of Wellness in their lives, sets the tone for our first Webinar – the date is set, the challenge is launched, it is a pride for this team to be able to count on the collaboration of our partners and bring “The Wellness Asset for the Portuguese Hospitality” to your home , with the expectation that this conversation will contribute to the
personal growth of all of us.

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