Education and Training for the New Generation

There is a great need to alter teaching methods to prepare and accompany this century’s greatest revolution. Change has become the basis of any equation in our professional and personal life.

We have long since stopped having a life with “only” two parts: a period of learning followed by another of work.

No one knows what the world and the labour market will look like in 2040, so no one knows what today’s young people should be taught. As a result, almost everything they are learning in school today will likely be irrelevant by the time these young people reach 40.

So what should we focus on? Personal resilience and emotional intelligence will be the only way to acquire the skills needed for the world in 2040, the ones that will allow them to stay in the game and reinvent themselves again and again, to keep up with the increasing pace of change. As such, even the age group of 60 will need to prepare for this.

Most changes cause stress, and most people don’t like them after a certain age. Well, people will need to be highly resilient and emotionally balanced to navigate this never-ending storm and cope with very high-stress levels.

As we know, we cannot acquire resilience and emotional intelligence by reading a book or taking “classes” (whose educational model is more than obsolete). The only way is to know ourselves better to understand who we are and what we want from life.

Fortunately, in Portugal, the possibilities of education in emotional intelligence and personal development are growing, which enables the new generations to follow this path.

Our (now adult) generation has access for the first time, without guilt or judgement, to several tools and the possibility to take a break and focus on self-development. Take the opportunity to start as soon as possible.

ABC Hospitality honours this path and works towards a constant awakening of consciences so that everyone evolves on these new horizons.

Ana Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Proudly Ambassador Global Wellness Institute
Happiest Places to Work – Awards

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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