High Tech VS High Emotional 4 steps on Contactless Systems implementation

“Contactless” has come to stay, at least in the near future. The paradigm of a hospitality focused on procedures has evolved to a version more focused on the art of welcoming, in proximity, privileging and promoting relations between the guest and the hotelier. We are in a different Age of Hospitality, the traditional method is behind us, today Human contact is increasingly valued and complements what digital cannot do.

For the Hotel industry being part of this innovation is a matter of, therefore I’ll share the strategic steps that may help in the present in order to create the future.

In this process of digital transformation, a lot has been done in an exemplary way, however, others stand out for their amateurism, without strategy and common thread: from the digital menus that are nothing more than simple PDFs without any integration with the management systems, online menu applications without management interface, static digital signage, etc.

Expecting to be useful, I have identified some solutions that are increasingly important for guests and clients to feel safer when they enter a hotel, whether to stay for a weekend or simply go to lunch, contemplate a sunset at the bar or dinner. To privilege the easiness and rigor of procedures combined with the valorization of the human emotional experience.

Here is an example of what we’re talking about: the Digital Keypass, it is an investment of the Portuguese Software House HHS.

  • This App allows direct interaction with guests.
  • It is fully integrated with the entire Host Hotel Systems PMS and POS family.
  • It allows quick installation.
  • Provides a wide range of functionalities and services, simple and intuitive, such as:

Without having to install any software on the equipment, the app enables the guest to access features such as: access to their current account, room service orders, digital menus and direct / integrated orders, and even express check-out. In addition to all kind of information and services from third parties, such as protocols with bicycle rental, taxi orders, or cross sales of other Hotel Group’s brands and products.

The two market giants, Salto and Assa Abloy, already offer locks or upgrades to the installed system, contactless opening solutions via BLT on smartphones.

There are already integrations with the digital keypass software, so that the guest does not need to have another app for this feature, keeping their journey inside the hotel intuitive and easy, from authorizing the ascent in the elevator, such as access to the spa and swimming pool, or opening the door of the room. All this without any kind of contact and totally safe, both from an electronic and health point of view.

It is already possible to find national kiosk solutions on the market for hotels. These make all the front office work easier, allowing greater freedom for the guest at check-in, privileging an emotional experience that corresponds to people’s current expectations – security, efficiency privacy, but all that accompanied by the hotel team in order to ensure that everything happens perfectly.

The amazing thing about it is that the equipment can now be customized, integrated with the hotel’s interior architecture, designed for placement in specific locations such as desks, cabinets, etc., being facilitators of services, such as transfer requests, places to visit.

It is increasingly important to invest in these forms of communication within the unit, whether to reinforce preventive measures, such as to inform restaurants and bars opening hours, hotel services, happy hour/promotions and even provide real-time weather information. The choice for these means of communication is an increasing necessity, the screens can be embedded in the decoration, on mirrors, or even on pedestals produced in any format and color.

At ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality we invest on the requalification of hotel units so that they can be able to meet the great opportunities that innovation provides us. It is important to choose the best solution for each unit in a personalized way, selecting partners that are aligned with the future. We are living new times that require new solutions, always integrated with a management strategy and customer experience, above all because the teams can finally focus their attention on the emotional experience of each customer, for a true “guest centred” service.

Rui Picão
IT Strategist Designer
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

IT Strategy | Key Traits: Resilience, Innovation, Availability

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