Hospitality and Well-being: the union of love and money for a more sustainable world

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality was born out of a desire to do things differently, not out of stubbornness but because we know that the path of uniting hospitality with individual well-being is the key to contributing to a “better world.”

What are the two most powerful energies in the world? Love and Money. And why do most people choose money? Because it controls everything and everyone. Love is scary because it is a free and unique energy everyone wants to access, and few actually do.

What if we combined the two energies?

We seek to guide our clients to make investments that generate a material return above what is expected but which also generate an immaterial return through units created with the vision and strategy of really impacting and/or awakening their guests, employees, and themselves, the true importance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

The talents who contribute to ABC Hospitality make their own internal journey of personal development, which allows them to have different ownership, naturally generating the differentiation of our company.

We seek to be a “platform” of people who come together for the benefit of this growing global business.

At the opening of R&R Forum 23 last October, it was really gratifying to see the data on the evolution of our sector and to see that “Wellness,” when understood as an asset and not just an “outlet,” represents a considerable increase in ADR and RevPAR.

With a great deal of wisdom, experience, and dedication, we are investing in the revaluation of hotel units in order to contribute to the diversification of the offer but also to the sustainability component, an increasingly decisive equation in terms of building new units in locations that are already saturated and which must be increasingly preserved.

The new projects have a unique positioning and concept where their sustainability is an indispensable factor in terms of ESG criteria and their financial return.

It is with great honor and gratitude that we make a unique and distinctive contribution to this beautiful sector in our country and beyond.

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