How to create brands in a true, structured, sustainable and, above all, purposeful way?

The economy is showing the first signs of recovery, and with good indicators, Tourism and Hospitality are two sectors that embrace this new phase with a renewed desire to move forward.

There are new brands arising, hotel projects to open, and others planned for the next few years, especially 2022. Have we learned something in this year and a half?

The New Age of Hospitality:
In one of ABC Hospitality’s Financial Talent articles, Luis Barbosa – Economically Sustainable Projects – the awareness of each investor is visibly different: there are those who seek quick and speculative gains and the others, who choose a more conscious, real, and sustainable path. This is also true regarding the level of awareness of the Human Resources de departments – are companies prepared for new dynamics or will they continue to pretend? A topic already addressed by our Talent in HR, Alexandra Outeiro – “Are we prepared for the future?”

New Projects and New Brands:
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality only believes in projects with a soul and born from the soul: that means distinctive and real concepts, which are born from the essence of each place and the vision of its owners.

It is crucial to have investors committed with their dream/idea/project, who believe and share the same positioning and values ​​as ABC Hospitality – We believe in the power of “Great Minds Think Alike” and “Shared Visions”, as well as in the strategic definition for each Brand we help to born: to get here, it is necessary to “immerse” in the emotional and spiritual motivations of each customer, as only with them in mind can be possible to define the Essence, Vision/Purpose, Values ​​and Mission and Brand Promises.

A work that results in a very complete Creative Briefing that is delivered to the chosen agency: here we start a process of sharing and creative involvement, until we reach the result: Graphic Identity – the famous logo and its visual universe.

A brand is always born with a logo, but only a few reach the level of being a brand.

Success is in the Sustainable Sum of All Parts
This systemic awareness is present in every phase of our methodology, and we believe that it is only that enables us to create long-term projects with healthy roots.

Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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