Human Capital – The Huge Challenge of The Present Day

This is not a new challenge, everyone has complained about the lack of human resources for a long time and now that the much-desired recovery is taking place, we all realize that everything must change. 

So why do we lack people to work!? Why do we continue to make beautiful speeches, but in practice nothing changes!?

That’s because, for something to change, it is necessary to have the courage to shift assumptions and paradigms, which is only possible if we have the capacity to self-renew!

In a process of self-renewal, it is essential to include a balanced renewal of all four dimensions that constitute our nature: physical, mental, social, and spiritual. While renewal in each of the dimensions is important, it will only become fully effective when we deal with all dimensions in a wise and balanced way. Neglecting any one of these areas will negatively impact the others.

And this is true both for people’s lives and for companies’ lives.

In an organization, the physical dimension is expressed in economic terms. The mental dimension deals with the recognition, development and use of talent. The social/emotional dimension is related to human relationships, the way people are treated. And the spiritual dimension deals with discovering of a purpose, values, and mission through the objectives of each organization. As with people, if any of these areas is neglected, the company will also suffer a negative impact. Energies that could result in a powerful synergy become constraining forces on growth and productivity. We can’t live without eating, but we don’t live just to eat.

If we apply this criterion to our hotel and restaurant sector, we will certainly perceive a long way to go. But it is urgent to transform and renew. Without people there is no service. Renewal is the principle – and the process – that gives us the strength to move on an upward spiral of growth, change and continual improvement. Moving along the upward spiral requires learning, dedication, and action on ever higher levels.

It’s difficult? Yes, indeed. No change is an easy task.

And it is crucial that everyone is aware that a new era is imposing itself and only organizations that value people and manage to unite personal strengths with greater perspectives will win, leaving past beliefs behind and aligning with business goals.

At this critical moment, it is extremely important and urgent to rethink structures and conditions so that, in a concerted way, people can be attracted back to the sector, motivating, and retaining them in a vibrant, passionate and motivating way.

Alexandra Outeiro
HR Specialist

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
Proud Ambassadors Global Wellness Institute

Human Resources & Mentoring | Key Traits: Commitment, Responsibility, Motivation

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