International Facilitators

The development of ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality’s activity as a hotel consulting company for projects in the Wellness & Healing segment, involves collaboration with a vast network of international facilitators.

The integration of these facilitators in the creation of the hotel’s concept and services is dependent on the identity and positioning of the hotel unit. They materialize, through different programs, the differentiation of these hotel units, responding to the needs of the market segment.

Working with Satya

Satya is an International Awareness Facilitator. She dedicates her life helping people to heal their wounds, to get their full potential, awakening their own soul wisdom, and expanding their consciousness.

Working With Satya is a Worldwide Community who is living in a New Paradigm of Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing.

“Our mission is to support and to give tools to launch a meaningful new way of living that people love and feel proud of their own path and creation. Through the combination of ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic techniques, we seek to contribute in a positive and meaningful way to the world by bringing exceptional health and joy to everyone we work with.

We believe that the truth of the self, the path of truth, can only be found by self-experience, being always open to learn something new. This gives us freedom but bring us more responsibility into our life.”

Kalid - Injoy Retreats

Injoy is the joy that comes from within. Injoy is focused on creating processes that promote inner growth and vital transformations in the way of living life, by allocating the wisdom and ancestral teachings of different traditions to the strength of contemporary therapies.
Injoy totally dedicates itself to inspire lives around the world.

Injoy Retreats offers you unique rituals, events, weekend immersions, multi-day retreats and individual follow-up sessions. The choice should fall on the solutions that help each one have a fuller life.

Virgilio Beatriz

To awaken the essence is Virgílio’s greatest purpose. To awaken his own self and the others is your mission since 2006, through spaces where we can discover our potential, express our being and increase our vibration and what surrounds us.

He uses various knowledge and tools in his retreats, sessions and meetings: shamanism, psychology, sufism, neuroscience, music, dance, voice, tantra, active meditations and others, always with the objective of awakening the true essence of each one.

Since 2009, Virgílio facilitated more than 120 workshops / retreats, especially in Portugal, and also in Brazil, India and Czech Republic.

Allison Adams - Sacred Leadership Global

Allison Adams is a Facilitator of Wellness Experiences and the founder of Sacred Leadership Global, a personal, professional, and organizational development company aimed at shaping the future where people, companies, and the planet can reap the highest possible outcomes.

As an international health and wellness coach, Allison Adams emboldens Female Leaders to claim their life, health, and wellbeing so they can create the impact & future they envision.