It’s not about Change, It’s About Evolving

It is not the strongest brands that survive, nor the smartest, but the ones that manage to adapt to evolution and even with them nothing can be taken for granted. 

I believe that we can always do more, better and differently. Just as each person is unique, each Brand is unique and has immense value in itself. 

Whenever “change” is mentioned, there is always a reaction of retraction, people have settled into the common, the usual, the “it was always like this”. They remain with the same course they took some 10, 20, 30 years ago and that’s why they crystallized, following only the day-to-day experience, which is certainly valuable, but it’s not enough. 

I believe that more than Changing, Evolving is in our DNA. 
It is part of our most instinctive nature and even so we manage to stop evolving. However, the force that moves the world is stronger than our accommodated egos and that is why we are confronted with evidence daily. A world that evolves and brings with it changes that force the most resistant to look at the present as it is: be it Uber, Hostels, Airbnb, Street Food, Wellness, Sharing Economy, Smart Travel, Slow Travel, Lowcost, Creative Hospitality… Brands are challenged to discover their Purpose and innate Value within themselves. 

Talking about “Evolution” promotes a willingness to listen, learn, know more and I believe that this is the key to take the main players in the market to act. As Luc Hendrickx, Senior Manager at Events by TLC said, well: Millennials are the Now Generation, these are the current customers and who in 2025 represent 75% of the consumer market, if your Brand still doesn’t have a strategy to win them over ….it means that your company’s Life will be short. 

This evolution brings within itself a natural innovation that leads us to question what has been done until today, select only the best and evolve in form and content, capitalizing on what makes us different.  

The World of Tourism and Hospitality has changed and is much more demanding due to the excess supply of products and services: increasingly equal and without soul or passion. I am generalizing, I must confess, but the truth is that are the new players in the market that often remember the most experienced ones that it is necessary to go back to the essence of hospitality, to the identity of each hotel, city, village, destination, agency, airline, and because everything is connected to everything, Tourism is, by itself, the great and almost the only sector purely emotional and for the greed of results we forget this for a while. Today the success of a Brand/Company is the outcome of an integrated approach in 360 degrees: from its DNA (Purpose: Heart of the Brand, History, Concept), to its Processes and USP and of course to its products and services, the material and visible part of the business. This vision derives from the most intangible to the most tangible. 

As with the façade marriages, there are many companies that live up to the bar of normal, the people who work there only gets eager to earn their salary and little else… What about Passion? Where is the Passion? Where’s the purpose? Without passion there is no vision and without vision a company never reaches it true potential. 

What does your Brand represent? What are your values? What is your most ambitious Vision? What is the legacy that you want to give to the world? 

Please fall in love! 
Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
Proud Ambassadors Global Wellness Institute
Happiest Places to Work – Awards

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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