New Success KPIs for Hospitality Industry

The year is ending. For all companies it’s time to “make the math”, overviewing the year. For us it’s not different.

Over the years, and especially in 2021, which proved to be a year of great growth for ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality, we have been reinterpreting the various forms of business management, adapting companies to a level of flexibility that is so necessary in the current times as essential in the future.

In this respect, it is perhaps prudent to also reinterpret the “success KPIs” that allow the assessment of a company’s performance in times as challenging as those we are currently experiencing, in which dealing with the “new” has become a constant, in which the fact that we control very few variables or even none, has become notorious and a daily fact.

As we all know, the usual and main “barometers” that guide the success of a hotel unit are the financial and measurable ones such as: ARD, REVPAR, GOP, % Occupancy, average length of stay and EBITDA.

Another common “barometer” is the guests’ reviews that position us as better or worse in terms of the guests’ opinion (an indicator that does not always give us a true perspective and which in many cases becomes a reason for stress for the hotel unit).

At ABC Hospitality, we believe in including other ways to reflect on the success of the hotel unit, and, therefore, in 2022 we include in our analysis the ESG criteria, which will certainly be indicators of success to be considered and that “measure” the impact of the units in social and collective terms.

The end of this year is marked by the word “Honour”*, which has been celebrated during the last month of 2021 by GWI, inviting us to reflect and assess the success of our company, taking into account indicators that may not be reflected in “Excel sheets”, but rather in the creation of added value for the brand, honouring its true vision and mission, which makes us so different.

Our well-being and others well-being are a growing priority that will inevitably bring greater wealth to those who choose to live this path, empowering others.

It is with deep gratitude that ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality closes this year with the honour of belonging to an international and national “community”, with whom we collaborate daily in order to boost the growth of the Wellness & Sustainable Luxury segment in the national hotel industry. As a team “we walk the talk” and this essence allows us to be a reference.

*Honor is the principle that leads someone to behave in an honest, virtuous, courageous manner, and that allows them to enjoy a good reputation in society

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality


CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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