Preventive Maintenance

With the reopening of hotels and restaurants, new challenges are emerging.

We know that it was not possible to prepare the start-up effectively, due to many uncertainties, there were many advances and setbacks regarding measures, lack of staff or completely absence of staff, in addition to the budgetary limitations that dominated this start-up of the sector.

In the last months of last year, the problems arising from this shutdown were constant and every or almost every day I’m facing new challenges due to the lack of maintenance plans or simple carelessness – which raises the issue of preventive maintenance.

The absence of maintenance plans has been transversal in the sector, and technology has been sacrificed directly or indirectly.

From electrical problems, problems with the delivery of internet, voice and TV services, as well as floods and problems with air conditioning systems, everything has happened in some units. Many of the computer rooms became deposits for clothes, cleaning products, etc., etc. I’ve seen fires and I’ve also seen floods!

All the problems arising from these oversights are clearly reflected in the quality and comfort that we are providing to our guests, they translate into hours without TV services, internet, stopped elevators or lack of hot water, for example.

With turnaround times getting worse due to the lack of components worldwide, IT technicians and maintenance have been true “superheroes” in the recent months.

It is very important to draw up maintenance plans, inventory all equipment, create maintenance routines, it is very important to act quickly on this issue and be sensitive to it.

Topics like:

  • Checking electrical panels and retightening
  • Verification of stabilizers and UPS and battery status.
  • Maintain good air conditioning in the technical rooms
  • Effective verification of water and sewage systems

They will be reflected in the ability to react, and in the effective prevention, and consequently in the durability of the equipment, and indirectly in the comfort of our guests.

It is important to make more and more use of technical building management technologies effectively, to adhere to IT platforms for equipment management and preventive maintenance, and to value maintenance teams.

We at ABC Hospitality can help you identify the most important points of IT maintenance; help prevent downtime and help the sector to make better use of its equipment.

Rui Picão
IT Strategist Designer

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

IT Strategy | Key Traits: Resilience, Innovation, Availability

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