Reflection on The Path We Believe In

September is coming and, along with it, the last 4 months of the year 2022, as we know that many of the decisions we make “here and now” will have impact in the new year.

The essential is: Stop and look back, being able to zoom out the path you’ve taken so far.

It is with great gratitude that we look back to our company’s path, which is the result of a well-defined vision and mission and which feeds all those who work in it. We have been through a lot, and uncertainty has always been a constant variable. The only failure is to give up from what you really believe in.

When we accept a project, we accept being part of a “legacy” that the investor wants to carry out. In addition to professional hotel consultancy work, we provide personalized and individual weekly follow-ups with our clients, including the tools we have developed so much: Coaching, Emotional and Connective Intelligence, as well as all rituals and/or practices that contribute for a true personal growth.

In all the wonderful projects we develop, we create very strong bonds of trust, mutual admiration, and respect. The conduct of professionalism and differentiation has always been present and this confirms the true success of these partnerships. The success of all of them is worth seeing, and this is our best business card.

We are a boutique and exclusive consultancy for projects that are based on ESG management (holistic sustainability) and on true individual and collective well-being, in which Portuguese hospitality, its history and community are the core foundations for a unique and authentic product. The service and the people are the engine for the units to fulfil their mission and guests’ expectations.

We are a team that loves hospitality, solving challenges that many of our customers, and in turn their guests, don’t even know that exist, and in a way that many can’t even imagine how. We present thoughtful solutions as if it were our hotel.

By the way our hotel is on its way. Our dreams are the “nourishment” of our reality.

A word of gratitude to this team that I honour a lot and that “invests” and “strengthens” the same belief as well as all the customers who are and were part of this path.

Ana Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Proudly Ambassador Global Wellness Institute
Happiest Places to Work – Awards

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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