Rehabilitation VS New Construction

On the path to sustainability, we believe in the rehabilitation of heritage and/or hospitality units that are already obsolete, at the expense of new construction for many several reasons.

The uniqueness and authenticity of each unit begins in the history and experience of yesteryear. We believe that Portugal is a destination where the “big” is “small”, where luxury is the “detail” and the well-being that we provide.

True Portuguese hospitality is the simple and genuine transmission of a culture full of stories and learning that many have never had contact with (including the Portuguese themselves). It is to elevate the “folklore” so typical of several locations to a “dance” experience never tried before. It is “weaving” on the loom and discovering that in this simplicity we create unique and authentic pieces. The Portuguese cultural differentiation is endless and changes every 20km along the continent and islands.

The “Portugal” Brand is always present in all the projects we guide, we try to make of each one a truly “unique piece” and bring the collaboration of several “locations” into the unit, contributing to the circular economy and allowing guests to experience something that will stay in your memories forever.

There are thousands of opportunities for rehabilitation throughout the country, it requires investors, public and private authorities to come together to halt the new “unrestrained” construction and give way to requalification. The ultimate goal cannot be just material in order to Portugal fulfil the requirements for a true and sustainable path. The funds are there, legal obligations include sustainability as a priority in several requirements, but it is crucial that sustainability makes part of the DNA of each project, each investor, each one who collaborates to create a new legacy.

We have a unique opportunity to reestablish values and paths after the impacting social and economic crisis that this pandemic has led us to. What structural changes are we all willing to make?

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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