“Resetting the World with Wellness”

The Global Wellness Summit’s simple and powerful statement that marks the new phase of Hospitality!

Since 2016, we’ve been driven by a mission that has always been aligned with the future that we’re living today. We believe that this new phase is the Era of Truth, filled with projects with soul, well-founded, the age of hotel brands created with well-defined purposes and whose mission is to be catalysts and co-creators of this new reality that we are already experiencing.

ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality is the Portugal’s ambassador of one of the largest world reference in the area of Wellness & Healing – the Global Wellness Institute. Since 2007, its mission has been to promote Wellness worldwide, educating the public and private sectors on preventive health and well-being measures, privileging the proof of medical and clinical evidence in connection with complementary therapies and approaches, such as: mindfulness, acupuncture, transcendental meditation, walking in nature, pilates, sleep quality, music therapy, conscious and balanced nutrition.

Wellness: Nutrition a Pathway to Health
Nutrition a Pathway to Health

Today the Global Wellness Institute is a worldwide community of Brands that are truly committed to being part of a greater purpose, an integrated and sharing awareness on the preventive health of each person and the sustainability of our planet as a whole.

It is required to have a bigger perspective, to create true and aligned concepts, to look for alternative solutions, to respect Nature and to be part of it, to discover new solutions, to integrate and innovate regarding the combination between Technology and Nature, to invest on renewable energies, to defend business models that privilege the circular, social, and local economy sustainability.

It is mandatory to go beyond the ordinary, it is vital to believe that we’re living this experience – to have ownership over it, there is no space for copy/paste – it is crucial to Walk The Talk – to live, feel, embrace, indulge, seek, transform and be reborn on a level above. 

Wellness -The search for Meaning and Belonging to a Higher Purpose when traveling
The search for Meaning and Belonging to a Higher Purpose

Travel is the best medicine 
In 2019, mental health was valued at $ 120.8 billion globally in a GWI report, can you imagine in the years to come?

It is important to clarify that Mental Health is composed of five major dimensions: Physical, Social, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. It is obvious that hospitality has a prominent role here, providing places designed to respond to this “mental pandemic”, where we have integrated solutions, such as Miraval Arizona, SHA in Alicante, Euphoria in Greece, Playa Viva or Paradero in Mexico – just a few examples of a higher hotel awareness, aligned with what really matters – hotels that add the respect for the culture of each place and the believe in health prevention and regeneration services, to the art of hospitality that was already part of their DNA, whose identity is materialized in weekend retreats.

In a recent GWI article, Jennifer Walsh with Beth McGroarty warns of the best preventive recipe ever: Nature as a way of connecting with the source of Life and for regenerating our brain and cells – so the seek for the Sea, the Mountain, the Field or the Forest is intuitive. 

Wellness Consulting for hospitality: ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

There is a new world emerging and we must continue to anticipate the future:
with the certainty that it will only be possible to “heal” the Earth (Regenerative Travel) the more of us are aware and willing to improve our ability to be at peace and harmony with ourselves and truly respect our communities, as part of the collective solution.

Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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