Resorts & Residencial Hospitality Fórum 21

Between 25 and 27 October, the world of Tourism got together in Tivoli Marina de Vilamoura for the Resorts & Residential Hospitality Forum 21.

This international event was exemplary organized by Questex, which I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate in the person of President Alexi Khajavi, for his commitment to assembling this “gathering” in a post-pandemic moment, bringing together a group of extraordinary people, from different countries and who contributed with excellent content, different approaches and a healthy discussion. Many congratulations on your wonderful organizing team led by Julie Rey-Gore and, of course, another word of gratitude to all sponsors.

A mention also to Turismo de Portugal, Luís Araújo, Nuno Miguel Alves and Carlos Abade, Gisela Borges and Elisabete Félix, for their valuable contribution to our country, for the knowledge and perspective transmitted to our trade and for the opportunity generated through the presentation of investors who see interest in our country: Amazing Evolution, Enterprise Greece, Minor Hotels, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Arum Group, Mirum Group, Savills Aquirre Newman and other Hub Sponsors.

For our part, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality was invited to participate in “Conscious Hospitality” panel that took place on the 27th, alongside Margarida Caldeira (Broadway Malyan) and Ioannis Orfanos (Arbitrage) and moderated by Maribel Pérez (Esh Club). Together, we wanted to work in advance (online and then face-to-face meetings) in order to bring out the best in each of us in one of the most important panels of the forum, as it addressed the fundamental ESG criteria for continuous improvement and sustainability. We left satisfied with our contribution.

The forum begun with a wonderful welcome cocktail for all the participants (sponsored by Turismo de Portugal), in which the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School shone with delicious signature cocktails and delicacies.

The 26th and 27th started with sports, jogging at 7am, followed by a breakfast where the real networking began using an APP that was made available to us in which we had all the contacts and program.

The official welcome was given by Alexi Khajavi and the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques. What followed, for me, was one of the most powerful moments of the event with Mr. Dilip Rajakarier (Minor Hotels CEO) and moderation by Edgar Ollé (Christie & Co Managing Director). I remember the humble and wise words of Mr. Rajakarier, who spoke of themes such as the existence of frequent “crises”, that well-being and sustainability as one of the biggest assets in the leadership of the resorts transformation and that he did not fail to point out the victorious decision of Minor’s by investing in Portugal.

The days were filled with several panels of great interest and excellent content from national and international contributors, as well as conversations on “Round Tables” about which you can read summaries on the following Linkedin page: Resort & Residential Hospitality Forum (R&R) on LinkedIn

I participated in “Destination Roundtables – Portugal”, a conversation moderated by Luís Araújo and in which I could enjoy the interventions of Julio Delgado (Ombria Resort) and João Sanches
( about the action they are developing in one of the most emblematic locations in the Algarve – VILAMOURA.

Sustainability and well-being were themes addressed in different panels, as well as the growing demand for a 2nd residence in resorts.

And to finish off a day’s work, nothing better than a humorous presentation by Ben Martin (HKS) about the several months of telework we were all put through, and with several examples of people who had the opportunity to dream of doing something different and launched themselves in projects that are true legacies for future generations and that, above all, have something in common: Passion, Resilience and the Conviction that this is the way to go. Today they have become world references.

We closed the Resorts & Residential Hospitality Forum 21, with a Gala (sponsored by the Minor group), with a reception and live music, enhancing the continuous openness to networking. A very nice way to say goodbye to this wonderful Hotel and to such productive days for National Tourism.

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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