Strategic Sustainability

As a hotel consulting company fully specialized in sustainability, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality has followed a path of advising customers through the different areas of a hotel project.

From financial consulting to the implementation of IT strategies, from the Branding to the HR structure, aiming at transforming and lasting results.

This practice of establishing methods with a long-term sustainability scope – which is applied holistically and thus affects the entire dynamics of the project – is based on a transformative process, which has only recently been studied worldwide, but which ABC has been applying for years: Strategic Sustainability.

The effectiveness of this way of being and “be there” can be proven by the results obtained, which turned ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality into a true case study regarding what’s now on the agenda, in this moment in which we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, anticipating the end of the confinement crisis.

However, we know that this is also the stage in which we will dive into another crisis with a deeper impact whether in scale or duration: the theoretical and practical concern related to the impact of long-term sustainability, considering the forms of investment in different areas by the companies.

As we develop our work with customers and partners, we can empirically prove that companies have achieved more positive impacts from the integration of a strategic work in sustainability.

The adoption of strategic sustainability practices is significantly and positively associated with a higher return on investment as well as the multiplication of the market value, given that its integrated practice becomes a key to the performance of the system, implemented as a form of transversal company culture through greater dynamics, complexity, and depth at all levels.

The result of this practice embodies more opportunities for improvement and helps to minimize the company’s risks for the present and for the future.

Strategic Sustainability results regarding the projects’ valorisation and sustenance, even during an external shock such as the current one, demonstrate that this is a need and a point of differentiation, as it creates a real strategic advantage that competitors cannot match and that, simultaneously, allows the company to survive and prosper.

Luis Madera
Hotel Management Strategy
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

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