Sustainability as our DNA

We guide hotel units through the creation of new legacies in the earth. Hotel units with purpose, that are planned, unique, innovative and that nourish high levels of respect regarding their location and implantation and regarding all those who enjoy them and/or collaborate for their profitability and right positioning.

“We understand sustainability as a “circular” word that allows the creation of a global life cycle with satisfactory impact on the balance of the place, the region, our country and of course the planet – the responsible ethics of each step, strengthens the conscience of each one of us. We look at an obsolete reality and we provide new perspectives into every detail.”

  1. Sustainability means constantly reflecting on the whole, verifying and testing the sense of use of various “modus operandi”, services and other procedures that impact the WHOLE.
  2. Sustainability starts right from the architecture and specialty projects, prioritizing an investment that may be slightly higher in the initial phase, but that will be certainly compensated in terms of business operation and environmental impact. ABC Hospitality’s concept always presents the most current and innovative inputs.
  3. The Business Plan is the following step and it must be sustainable as well, since considering sustainability an integral part of each element is the only way to positively impact the Whole.
  4. The community where this project is inserted must be respected and even engaged from the first moment, as it allows to obtain deep-rooted knowledge, giving more value to the uniqueness of each project. In addition, a sustainable business plan must promote employment and develop partnerships that promote the circular economy and true community spirit.

The unit itself is designed so that everything is used and reused in a simple and efficient way. We simplify processes and streamline unique experiences that are highly profitable and impact on the well-being of each human being. Wellness is this greater vision that is part of us, as a brand and as human beings.

We are counting on an urgent change in the legislation of hotel units, as there are several constraints that inhibit the promoter from being freer and more sustainable. For example, regarding the Minibars in the rooms – As for us, it is clearly a dispensable service in many of our hotel units, as well as other services and equipment that today no longer make sense however continue to be required for no apparent reason. This has always been a blockage, trends and changes are advancing and the legislation takes years to follow.

We exemplary collaborate on sustainability, starting by our own company which is an example of corporate sustainability. So we feel that this is the time to reinforce our position, take on new levels of demand and continue to break new ground, always with a greater purpose, innovation, respect, truth, evolution, growth and prosperity.

Nature is the greatest luxury of the 21st century

From February 11, 2021 we present ourselves as follows:
ABC Hospitality – Sustainable Luxury Hospitality 

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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