Sustainability in Tourism requires Requalification

I believe that we still need more international and national investment to finance new hospitality units’ projects. However, I also believe that they should rethink their location, avoiding regions that are completely saturated regarding hotel accommodation. Our country is so rich and still we have regions that need tourism as a lever for many other activities that contribute to their own development, regions that are often authentic deserts, yet full of “oases” to discover.

On the other hand, we “insist” on building brand new units, using resources, when right next door we can find hospitality units urging for “requalification”. And what is requalification?

First of all, it is about giving a new direction to a hotel that once had its purpose (or never had one at all), implementing a strategy that elevates it to a truly differentiating and sustainable role. This strategy, which impacts the whole, is called “Hotel Concept” and aims to be a serious and well-founded document, integrating the due economic feasibility study that proves its profitability.

Secondly, investment is crucial – either to requalify the spaces (which can be done in a phased and structured way), or to remunerate teams that have the talent to achieve the stipulated goals.

Thirdly, the “decision maker” must let himself be “guided” by the team he hired to make it “happen”, which, for obvious reasons, must be external to the existing hotel team. When everyone is called to participate in something that is common, success is guaranteed.

Fourthly, this requalification also makes it possible to look at the unit in terms of sustainability and adapt it to the basic ESG criteria in order to choose a path that is so necessary to the whole and that, very soon, will be a costumer demand.

Fifth, the focus can be on concepts such as Wellness & Healing which, in addition to being a market segment in great expansion worldwide, is a way of contributing to raising awareness of the importance of the daily practice of various (small) “rituals” and/or activities that improve the mental, physical and spiritual health of the community in which it is settled, as well as, of all the guest this unit will welcome.

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Proudly Ambassador
Global Wellness Institute

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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