The Email Marketing made from real messages for real people is alive and kicking!

How many times has Email Marketing been declared dead? Year after year, fallacious articles appear around this email marketing that will not survive much longer.

Considered by many to be an invasive means of communication, often confused with spam, it is actually a critical tool for maintaining proximity with customers, building loyalty and, ideally, generating a sense of belonging to a community.

But from its perspective as a positive catalyst, email marketing should not be seen as a pure and simple sales medium, used to promote products through generalist and mass advertising, in which the message adds nothing to the recipient. What is positive about email marketing, and what keeps it alive and kicking, is the personalization and segmentation of communication, its ability to transmit relevant messages, at opportune times, and that recipients actually want to receive.

Taking into account the number of people who use email (it is expected to be around 4.3 billion users in 2023, according to the report “Number of e-mail users worldwide from 2017 to 2024”) and those who declare it as the preferred tool for receiving messages, the best thing you can do is study your audience and find out if the phrase “email marketing is dead, what matters is social networks” really makes sense for your company.

However, the supposed predisposition of your audience to receive this type of messages should not be the only factor to considered. This won’t be the first time you’ve heard that “content is king”, and once again, that’s the truth.

At a stage where our audience can be considered digitally evolved, no one is willing to receive advertising messages without content, without relevance. The content of your email marketing should be interesting, add value to those who read it, and even be educational. This formula, more real, closer to your customer, answering the doubts and questions they may have, giving them tips for them to explore, suggestions for them to dream about… it is the path to a successful relationship with the customer.

And here, as an example, let’s use what we, ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality, know and practice through our email marketing:

1. We know that we have a mission in our hands: to bring everyone together for the materialization of a greater purpose, a common good, on behalf of the Excellence of the Portuguese Tourism. To do so, it is necessary to educate the community, generate awareness on Wellness Hospitality, show that we are experiencing this reality shift and that companies will want to be prepared to respond to what we consumers expect from them.

2. We speak directly to those who understand that they are living a unique moment, that their actions can be part of something bigger, their businesses can be part of and improve communities and have a transformative power on the individual.

3. We provide interesting content that adds value and knowledge to those who read it. With articles by journalists and renowned publications, with examples of hotels that have already made their way in the Wellness segment, with tips or suggestions for retreats, practices to improve readers’ well-being at home, and even how to bring wellness -being for companies, transforming the role of human resources.

There are several themes that we want to share with those who follow us, and of course we want to reach a greater number of readers: all those who feel that what we have to share may improve their day experience, give them a new perspective on their business, on their lifestyle, on their whole world.

If this is what interests you and you still don’t receive our weekly content, you can subscribe to our Newsletter here – and be part of a real list, with real recipients, who want real conversations and relationships with brands.

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