The Importance of Sleep

In Integrative and Longevity Medicine, we give increasingly importance to choices and lifestyle, as determinants for a full and healthy life.

This means that food, exercise, relationships, work, interests, and hobbies are important, as the quality of sleep.

However, it is still unusual to talk about the quality of sleep, however, this is a determining factor in our health and well-being.

Resting at night and enjoying quality sleep is essential for staying active and improving our life’s quality.

Depending on our age, we will need to sleep a different number of hours.
As a rule, an adult needs 8 hours of sleep.

What is a good sleep pattern?
Firstly, sleep is crucial for regulating cell function and helping to recover mind-body. It is at this time that the organs eliminate toxins, the mind archives what we have learned during the day, hormones are produced… So many relevant functions that it is important to take care of your sleep pattern. We are even able to determine how much longevity is linked to regular sleep patterns, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is crucial.

What can we add to a good night’s sleep and make sure that longevity and well-being are always present?

– The room should have soft and relaxing colors to induce rest;

– The scent of lavender or jasmine in the room is always work by elevating the feeling of well-being;

– A good choice of mattress, pillows and linen are really essential. Touch until recently was one of the least investigated senses, however, very recently a research team proved the importance of this sense as a recipient of therapeutic excellence in minimizing pain and how much it reassures and calms us in moments of greater tension. It is, therefore, one of the aspects to never neglect.

If you want to take your well-being to the next level, prepare a relaxing, fragrant tisane to drink before bed. The best choices are chamomile or passionflower for a gentle tranquillity, but if you are really disturbed or bothered by your thoughts or you’re breathing too fast, opt for valerian with a touch of honey, and serenity appears.

“In these moments of greater tension, you should use calm music and the 6-4-7 breathing technique (inspire for a count of 6, hold for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 7) – it is a matter of having a reminder, a card next to tea, to remember.”

If there is a part of preparation that can always be ready, to help with a good night’s sleep, there is another one, just as important, and that depends on each of us:

Turn off your phone at least 2 hours before bed until the next day, as well as your computer, television and tablet too.

Unplugging after work is the key to calming the breakneck pace of information we accumulate during the day and the unconscious anxiety it produces in us.

Remember, exposure to blue light from electronic devices promotes insomnia and leads to more night-time awakenings, so not using devices before bed will allow your natural sleep rhythm to work properly.

These are the important steps that, being prepared, form a good foundation for a restful and energizing sleep.

A good night’s sleep, in addition to being essential to our physical well-being, is also essential to our mental state.

It is truly gratifying and an excellent promoter of longevity, starting the day with a smile and getting out of bed full of desire to embrace the day!

Ana Matos
Integrative Medicine Expert
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Integrative Medicine Expert | Key Traits: Tolerance, Passion, Resilience

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