The Noise Regulation – in Life and Finance

One thing that never ceases to surprise us is that, in general, spaces linked to hospitality, even some with a high positioning and price, pay very little attention to the noise and degradation of the environment they generate.

I’m talking about the background music that suddenly turns into a concert, making any conversation seem impossible. I’m talking about the lack of sound isolation that turns each word into an echoing scream. I’m talking about the way employees move the dishes around as if they wanted to break it, as well as the way they communicate with each other, as if they were at an auction. I’m talking about that one local lodging (of the 50 local lodgings in our neighbourhood) that don’t have a clock or common sense. And so on.

On another level, we have also observed a proliferation of noise in communication between companies, entrepreneurs and banks. On the side of the banks, with rare exceptions, it seems that sometimes there is so much noise within that the customer cannot make himself heard.

On the side of companies, there is too much talk and too little attention to the relevant variables that could even change their future in the relationship with the bank.

Essentially, it seems to me that the noise that has crept into our lives can be characterized by a certain excess of communication. We all like to listen to ourselves a little too much. But we don’t always “sing” the appropriate song.

Less is more. Silence based on wisdom is worth many times more than the cheap talk. And this is very Latin. Some time ago, a friend explained to me that in the Anglo-Saxon context he experienced, he often had 5 minutes to introduce himself and say what he was going to do. Unthinkable in our culture.

Here, and in financial semantics, we work to communicate with minimal noise. And with maximum impact. Like in that hotel, where the background music enables us to continue a good conversation.

Luís Barbosa
Financial Architect
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality
Proud Ambassador Global Wellness Institute

Financial Wisdom | Key Strokes: Rigor, Transformation, Making it Happen

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