The Positive Side of COVID: The Explosion of the WELLNESS & HEALING Segment in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. What’s awaiting us in 2022?

A provocative title, but purposefully chosen. If 2021 was already an exceptional year, 2022 anticipates even better results. Foreseeing the Future is Acting in the Present – The New Age of True Wellness & Healing Hospitality.

I believe that either it goes well, or it goes “very well”. It is fascinating to analyze how the systemic vision explains the Macro movements of change and evolution, as if it were a Master Plan, previously defined and in full execution right in front of our eyes. That’s exactly what’s happening!

2021 is marked as a year of utmost importance for this high profitability segment, as the year of the “Wellness Revolution”, that is, this reality became “main stream” – it became part of our Life and even those “more conservative” people or brands began to be curious about a larger dimension, related to the Wellness universe.

The Global Wellness Summit 2021, held in Boston – 30 Nov to 03 Dec – under the theme “A New Era in Health & Wellness” highlights the new updated numbers of this sector which in 2017 was valued at 3.7 trillion dollars. The most updated numbers are 4.4 Trillion Dollars – 2020 Report.

What awaits us in 2022?
Expectations are high and the certainty is that it will be much better – whether in the international or national market – we have reached a crucial point that has no return, thankfully!

For ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality, it is a great satisfaction to be an active part of this great “Shift” of awareness that begins with Investors, Shareholders and Stakeholders who truly believe in the power of making a difference through ethical differentiation and purpose. We have projects in pipeline that could only be born in 2022.

What are the biggest highlights of 2022?
Within the trends for the coming year, we highlight some of them which we believe will have a greater impact on hotels and tourism, setting the standards for the new products and services creation, leveraging the brands that truly believe the world will never be the same again, it will be much better, radically different and, above all, truly Sustainable.

1. Specialized Retreats

2. Immersion in Nature

3. Creativity and Mental Health

4. Regenerative Travel

5. Digital Health (Offline)

6. Mapping Bad Stress

7. The Regenerative Power of Quality Sleep

8. Medicine Plants

9. Journaling . Writing as Therapy

10. Holotropic Breathing

And as we are already in the season of the famous Giant Waves of Nazaré, it is good to remember that “those who stop to observe the Ocean can catch a glimpse of the right Giant Wave and seize the moment”.

Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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