There is a new generation of brands.

A solid brand strategy is based on three stages and it necessarily begins with the Branding aspect, then the Marketing and, as a result, the Sales.

There is a new generation of Brands that are born respecting these three stages and even more important: they are truly moved by a cause, purpose, or vision, fulfilling it through their mission, guided by the values that make part of their DNA.

Logo vs Brand
To have a Brand you need to have at least a visual universe. Today, the demand is greater and that’s why having an increasingly sensory approach is crucial – we need to involve each consumer in an increasingly subliminal way, speaking directly to their unconscious in order to become part of their
real and aspirational world whether by identification or by passion. Not all logos become a Brand in the true sense of the word.

They are just graphic representations, often out of alignment regarding the business area and jeopardizing the business positioning by delivering “wrong” perceptions influenced by the font, color, shape, graphic composition, direction and descriptor.

Agencies are often responsible for this “mistake”, especially for not listening to the customer, or sometimes it is the customer who does not know what he wants and, due to ignorance, ends up choosing poorly.

A new generation of brands
Post-Covid accelerated some paradigm shifts and, above all, gave rise to a collective awakening of consciousness regarding the “Meaning of Life”, therefore, many of us are reinventing ourselves, or for those who were already doing it, their purpose is being reinforced, becoming even more

Today the investors who choose ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality are part of this new generation that wants to be certain that are following the right steps, making the most of their investment, putting their trust in a consulting service that assures them protection and guidance in a
personalized and differentiating way. We have excellent examples of projects that are happening in Portugal.

The new Hotel Brands are true catalysts of the new reality, reinventing quality and living the legacy they want to create today for the Future, some examples: 1Hotels, Azulki Hotel, Shou Sugi Ban House, Noah Surf House, Charm Nature Boutique Hotel and one of the Visionary Brands in Portugal –
Areias do Seixo. All of them fulfill the three stages in an exemplary way and that is why it is “easy” to sell it to the right audience!

Wellness & Nature
The perfect combination that does not always involve having a space, but a symbiosis between Nature and the built-up area (organic, sustainable and loyal to the local traditions). It is time to rethink how Wellness and Hospitality can co-exist.

Today the concept of “luxury” has gained a new interpretation: one of the most valuable assets that we all have is Nature – respecting, defending, regenerating, requalifying and being truly sustainable is the least that each of us can do, as a token of gratitude towards Nature’s gifts.

Ana Cristina Guilherme
Hospitality Wellness Brandologist 
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Branding & Marketing | Key Traits: Creativity, Vision, Passion

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