True Wellness & Healing Hospitality Concepts

One of ABC Hospitality’s added value is the creation of unique, differentiating, authentic concepts, based on the true Wellness & Healing experience, always with sustainability as an integral part.

These concepts are based on a deep “study” and “wisdom”, necessary to be able to move the ideas from the paper to effective practice, both in what is initiated by the decoration and architecture teams, as well as all others who contribute and follow up on the document we prepare and that “guides” everyone to the well-defined segments based on a very realistic and framed Business Plan.

It is a job that requires a strategy and timely planning so that the unit enhances the experience that is “sold”. It is essential to prepare teams and, above all, “train” hotel directors who specialize in this very peculiar segment with a greater purpose, as it impacts (when done properly and by the right partners) the guest’s life.

Specialization in this Wellness & Healing segment presupposes a lot of experience, training and wisdom. You have to go to retreats, you have to really emerge in a plurality of activities and experiences in order to build hotels with this purpose.

Perhaps in a more “hotelier” language it means: “To be a good hotel director, you have to go through many experiences, practices, departments in order to reach the “skills” and really be the Leader”, leading by example.

We are witnessing, here and now, in Portugal, the emergence of many units that communicate this segment because they realized that it is a powerful “Marketing” tool, but the most informed consumer/guest, who travels for this reason, expects a true delivery of a service which presupposes a much higher understanding than just having an outlet called “SPA”.

It is one of the segments that demands a great “truth” and an authenticity that is felt in every detail, in every corner of the unit and, above all, a unique service provided in a holistic and differentiating way.

We are hoteliers and specialists in this segment, we persevered for a long time because the resistance that this subject faces does not allow a more coherent evolution. And why is it?

Simply because in reality most people do not know the real word: “well-being”.

Ana Cristina Beatriz
New Business & Projects Manager
ABC Sustainable Luxury Hospitality

Proudly Ambassador Global Wellness Institute
Happiest Places to Work – Awards

CEO & New Business Manager | Key Traits: Inspiration, Leadership, Pro-activity

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