Wellness Apps: digital tools at the service of well-being

Well-being technology comes to us through mobile phones, in App format, and providing the most diverse solutions to strengthen physical, mental, and spiritual health. Wellness Apps are the tools we most reached out during the pandemic, and we will keep using them even after it ends.

We naturally associate well-being with disconnecting from world whose financial and social pressures generate high levels of anxiety, uncertainty and stress that are harmful to physical, mental, and spiritual health. A world whose day-to-day is running at the fastest pace, with no time for personal development, no time to stop, breathe and just be. Several Well-being programs offered by the hotel industry are based precisely on this need for isolation; disconnection from the technologies that have made us ubiquitous and from the constant notifications that reach our mobile phone; the need for a pause from the daily disturbances that distance us from ourselves.

However, taking time to find balance, go on a retreat and isolating yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, despite precious and much-needed contributions in the pursuit of individual well-being, are often seen as a temporary “cure”, a “band aid” that will lose its beneficial effect very quickly if we don’t do a daily effort to maintain and nourish the peace and balance that we’ve managed to recover there.

It is from the perspective of daily well-being that technology has become a powerful ally of Wellness. Wellness Apps are here to stay. And in a context where all over the world we had to give up of some daily routines, these Apps ended up becoming a success in the healthy market segment, with more and more people finding in them the guide they needed for a healthier lifestyle.

Today, the mobile phone is an essential element of our lives, whether it allows us to remain close to friends and family, establish new personal relationships, look for recipes, listen to music while we exercise… it is always present, for a multitude of functions. Therefore, putting it at the service of well-being is a natural choice with proven benefits. Whether it’s improving sleep cycles, relieving stress, finding healthy recipes, exercising or yoga, the underlying thought is simple: If we can use our mobile phone for delivery services or taxis, why not use it for meditation sessions?

Here are some of the most famous Apps that allow you to improve your daily well-being in exchange for 10 to 30 minutes of your time:

1. Headspace: Meditation and mindfulness app consisting of brain exercises. It’s 10 minutes a day to listen and “clear” the mind, improving attention and calm.

2. Exhale: Emotional wellness app – focuses on self-care, mindfulness and includes guided meditations, coaching, guided visualization and breathing exercises.

3. Noom: It is based on food psychology and the behaviours underlying it, turning them into healthy ones with the support of a team of nutritionists, personal trainers and behavioural psychologists.

4. Results Wellness Lifestyle – A fitness App that includes exercises, recipes amongst mental strengthening courses.

5. My possible self: a mental health care app with feeling monitoring, behavioural pattern recognition, and self-help modules that address issues such as stress, anxiety, loss, or significant lifestyle changes.

6. Calm: An App for improving sleep, meditation, and relaxation. It is recommended by psychologists and mental health experts and focuses on reducing stress through guided meditations, breathing programs, stretching or music.

7. Yoga Studio: Mind & Body – app with yoga exercises that makes them more accessible to everyone at all times, whether at home before leaving for another workday or during a break from the office.

These are only 7 Apps among a world of similar solutions worth discovering. Many of them are even recommended by celebrities, others are promoted in influencers Instagram stories. Who doesn’t know the Bloom App, so appreciated and promoted by the travel couple who continue to gather thousands of followers on Instagram, Marie Fe and Jake Snow? Bloom combines productivity, learning and health tools – the couple recommends it as determinant for the management of their creativity, physical and mental health.

The fundamental thing, and which is common to all of them, is the proposal of development of an inner self work focused on physical and mental health, relying on a device that in recent decades has almost become a part of our body – the cell phone. Putting technology at the service of our well-being and reconciling this daily work with daily life, is an interesting proposal, with an increasing number of fans and it is accessible to everyone.

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