Winter Wellness Wisdom

Let it snow!

The new year is imminent and we all love the endless possibilities of starting afresh that a clean cycle presents. Now is the time to truly tune into the intentions we may have and focus on those projects and deepest interests we dream of.

Ask yourself, how you want to complete the year? 
It might not have anything to do with money or food, but a lot about a period of reflexion or time off a stressful job, or to reconnect with someone you miss.It’s time to put in the practice.

According to ancestral wisdom, winter’s cold days and long nights are nature’s time to withdraw and conserve its energies for reformation in the spring. Many animals hibernate to create and plants turn inwards for the nourishment of the soil, and we humans feels urged to take time to reform, too. 

In the recent past, the world went crazy for “ ikigai” the Japanese word for describing the pleasures and meanings of life, in fact “ ikigai” resides in the realm of the small things. The raising sun, the smell of coffee, a walk in the country, you name it. Only those who recognize the richness of this whole spectrum really enjoy it. 

And winter season, it’s all about turning our focus inwards. 

Here are 3 ways to nourish yourself in winter:

Time to find our centre. It’s the season to clear the ground and set intentions to receive new direction. What can you introduce to expand your life?

Meaningful thinking 
It’s time to find new ways to be good to yourself and move forward along your life’s path.

Build your self-care routine in a way that restores your energy and nourish you. It’s about time you get what you need- create a happier, healthier, more fulfilling and meaningful life and ….“ let it snow”! 

This article is based on the following books “Ikigai by Ken Mogi; “The Art of Mindfulness ” by John Amodeo and from Dr Daniel Amen, Neuroscientist

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Integrative Medicine Expert
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